Our democracy is in crisis. Together, we can restore it.

In 2020, Americans turned out in record numbers in the middle of a pandemic to make sure our votes were counted and the will of the people prevailed to elect leaders who truly represent us.

In 2021, certain political leaders responded to historic voter turnout by perpetuating the Big Lie, inciting an unprecedented attack on our country on Jan. 6, and introducing and passing a record-breaking number of bills to restrict our freedom to vote and undermine our elections.

In 2022, the same faction behind Jan. 6 are still using their deliberate disinformation campaign to attack our freedom to vote and sabotage free and fair elections. 

Extremist politicians in your state are doubling down in 2022 to…

Lay the groundwork to reject legitimate election outcomes

Restrict ballot access

Criminalize election officials for doing their jobs

Reduce voter participation through criminalization and intimidation

As states continue trying to restrict voting access in 2022, voters are already being harmed by new anti-voter restrictions enacted in 2021.

  • In Texas, counties are reporting high mail ballot application rejection rates ahead of the March primary–a direct consequence of SB 1.
  • Last year, Arizona enacted anti-voter bills, including purging the popular Permanent Early Voting List used by 80% of Arizonans in 2020. Now they are doubling down to further restrict vote by mail, criminalize voters and election workers, and sabotage elections.
  • And after Iowa’s SF 413 shortened the ballot request window, early vote period, and polling hours, among other restrictions, many voters didn’t cast their ballots.

This is Jim Crow 2.0

The promise of free and fair elections is something Americans across race, background, income and zip code value as a right fundamental to our democracy. Despite our differences, we know how important it is for every eligible American to have a say in decisions that impact us and our families, like…

  • Managing the pandemic
  • Ensuring students can safely learn
  • Creating good jobs 
  • Mitigating climate disaster
  • Making health care accessible and affordable for all


That’s why we’re fighting back. Voting rights can’t wait. 

YOU have the power to take action in your community, your state, and across the nation to:

✅ Ensure we can safely and freely cast our ballots

✅ Prevent partisan actors from sabotaging our election results

✅ Ensure trusted election officials count every vote

✅ Ensure the will of the people prevails

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