Fight Back Against Jim Crow 2.0

Our democracy is in crisis. YOU can help restore it.

Our democracy only works if we do our part. You can make sure we have safe, fair, and efficient elections for all so that everyone’s vote is fairly counted.

The battle for our democracy starts at home, and these states are on the front lines in the fight against Jim Crow 2.0. If you live in these states, click below to join the fight for voting rights!

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Last year, anti-voter extremists restricted Arizonans’ freedom to vote by pursuing a baseless, costly investigation into the 2020 election results and passing anti-voter legislation, including  the law that eliminated the longstanding Permanent Early Vote List, which over 80% of Arizonans have used to automatically get a mail ballot every election.

Now, lawmakers are doubling down in 2022 to try to attack vote by mail, restrict drop boxes, purge eligible voters, limit registration, sabotage elections, criminalize election officials for doing their jobs, impose burdens on indigenous, Latino, rural, student, and other communities, and more. Already, Republicans and Gov. Ducey enacted several bills into law, including HB 2492 to restrict voter registration and HB 2236 to preemptively prohibit automatic voter registration (which does not currently exist). Arizonans must take action to demand that your legislators and Gov. Ducey stop attacking your freedom to vote.


In March 2021, Gov. Brian Kemp and extremists in the legislature enacted omnibus voter suppression bill SB 202 into law. Your tremendous activism made SB 202 less harmful than it started out by protecting early and weekend voting, no-excuse vote by mail, and automatic voter registration, and by repealing discriminatory signature match. But SB 202 still restricts voting access and enables voter and election worker intimidation, election administration power grabs, disruption of local election control and certification, and mass voter challenges

In 2022, with YOUR voices, we defeated Republicans’ anti-voting omnibus bill, HB 1464, and their second iteration, SB 89, which would have risked undermining election workers, made it harder to conduct elections, and allowed for a flood of hands-on sham ballot reviews by Big Lie conspiracy theorists. While we stopped harmful bills, the legislature passed and Gov. Kemp signed SB 441, which gives the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) new powers to investigate alleged elections infractions and raises voter intimidation concerns.


After Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed dozens of anti-voter bills last year, in 2022, GOP extremist lawmakers are trying to use the petition initiative process to circumvent Gov. Whitmer’s veto in order to impose additional unnecessary photo ID requirements, restrict opportunities to receive mail ballot applications, limit much needed funding for election administration, and facilitate sham reviews. We can’t let them win.

New Hampshire

In 2021 your advocacy helped defeat several harmful anti-voter bills. In 2022, state legislators emboldened by the Big Lie have resumed their attack on your freedom to vote. In May, Republicans passed SB 418, legislation that targets same-day registration, threatens the ballot privacy rights of all voters, risks discounting legally cast ballots, impacts overseas military of their right to vote, and jeopardizes NH’s First in the Nation status.

North Carolina

In 2021, the GOP-controlled legislature passed a package of voting restrictions to sabotage elections and to limit voting access that were unsuccessful thanks in large part to dedicated pro-democracy advocates and Governor Roy Cooper’s veto. 

In 2022, Republican legislative leaders continued trying to silence the voices of voters by blocking pro-voter legislation and pushing a gerrymandered congressional map, which in March was struck down as unconstitutional. And they are doubling down to defend North Carolina’s 2018 photo ID law after a court struck it down for intentionally discriminating against Black voters.


In 2021, with your activism, Governor Tom Wolf vetoed omnibus anti-voter bill HB 1800 that would have facilitated election sabotage, added onerous signature requirements for mail ballots, reduced the voter registration window, stripped power away from local election administrators, and eliminated the permanent early mail voting list.

In 2022, legislative Republicans have undermined elections and voters at every turn. They refused to adequately fund election administration or allow preprocessing of ballots. Some of the very same legislators who voted in favor of Act 77, Pennsylvania’s 2019 pro-voter law establishing a strong vote by mail system, are now trying to undo it. And they tried to pass a partisan gerrymandered congressional map that would have silenced voters’ voices, but Gov. Wolf vetoed it.


In 2021, with your activism, Governor Tony Evers vetoed six voter suppression bills that would have cut back mail voting and imposed fines and criminal penalties on election workers just for doing their jobs. 

This year, extremists continue trying to sabotage and sow doubt in elections by pursuing a costly, baseless, and damaging “fishing expedition” into the 2020 election results–including frivolous lawsuits and threats of prosecution if officials do not cooperate–pushing extreme anti-voter bills, and attempting to eliminate the nonpartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) for following the law and confirming the accuracy of the 2020 results.

Voting rights can’t wait.

Take action today and keep up the pressure to ensure your state and local lawmakers and officials are fighting for, not against, your fundamental right to vote. That means being able to: 

  • Register to vote

  • Stay registered 

  • Cast your ballot 

  • Have your ballot counted fairly is a resource that lets you know what’s happening and helps you get involved in the fight to protect the freedom to vote in your state and across the country. Visit often for real-time updates and share this resource with your friends and family!


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