Our democracy is in crisis. But together, we can save it.

So far this year, an unprecedented 581 anti-voter bills have been introduced in 49 states, 52 new anti-voter bills have been passed in 21 states, and 127 bills are still alive as we head into 2022.

The same faction who spread lies about COVID and the 2020 electionwhich led to an attack on our Capitolare trying to undermine our democracy by…

  • Sabotaging free and fair elections
  • Laying the groundwork to reject election outcomes they don’t like
  • Restricting access to the ballot
  • Intimidating voters and election workers
  • Picking and choosing which votes count
  • Drawing rigged districts


What we’re witnessing is Jim Crow 2.0. 

But whatever our race, background, income or zip code, in America we value the freedom to have a say in decisions that impact us and our families, like…

  • Ending the pandemic
  • Creating jobs 
  • Averting climate disaster
  • Making health care accessible for all

That’s why we’re fighting back.

Fair Fight Action and our pro-democracy allies are working to honor Congressman John Lewis’ legacy and ensure that all eligible Americans can make our voices heard by exercising our fundamental right to register to vote, cast a ballot, and have that ballot counted fairly

We are fighting to mitigate voter suppression, anti-democracy, and election sabotage efforts wherever possible—and that includes advocating for federal voting rights legislation in Congress! Call 833-465-7142 to tell your Senators that voting rights can’t wait!

We need Congress to pass legislation that will:

  • Create national standards to ensure we can safely and freely cast our ballots
  • Prevent partisan politicians from sabotaging or overturning our election results
  • Ensure trusted election officials count every vote
  • Prevent attacks on our freedom to vote
  • Ensure the will of the people prevails in our elections


Congress has the power to intervene by passing voting rights legislation that is overwhelmingly supported by Americans across the political spectrum, race and zip code.


The Senate is considering two bills whose key provisions together are critical to protecting our freedom to vote and ensuring new congressional districts are fair and representative:

🗳️ The Freedom to Vote Act (formerly the For the People Act) would set national standards for us to safely and freely cast our ballots, ensure that trusted local election officials count every vote, and prevent state lawmakers from sabotaging our elections in order to take and hold power. 

🗳️ The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (JLVRAA) would restore the most effective civil rights legislation ever passed—the Voting Rights Act of 1965—to prevent state legislators and officials from discriminating against voters they don’t like. 

Read Fair Fight Action founder Stacey Abrams’ statements about the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and learn more about both bills below

🗳️ The Freedom to Vote Act

The Freedom to Vote Act establishes common-sense national standards for voting and elections.

✅ Protects voter access

  • Reduces long lines by ensuring fairer resourcing and distribution of polling locations and establishing two weeks of early vote

      • In 2020, voters suffered long lines, often in extreme weather, and reported waiting up to:

        • 11 hours in GA 
        • 6 hours in TX
        • 5 hours in WI 
        • 4 hours in PA


  • Allows all eligible voters to vote by mail, creates permanent vote by mail lists, and makes drop boxes widely available

  • Modernizes voter registration by allowing eligible voters to get registered automatically at the DMV, online, or when you go to vote in person

✅ Prevents election sabotage and protects election workers

  • Prevents partisan takeovers of election administration
  • Protects election workers against partisan interference, harassment, intimidation and being removed from their jobs without good cause
  • Safeguards ballots, election records and election equipment

✅ Blunts Jim Crow tactics

  • Secures the voting power of people of color by banning partisan gerrymandering and ensuring fair districts
  • Protects voters from intimidation, harassment and criminalization
  • Restores voting rights to formerly incarcerated people 
  • Prohibits witness and notary requirements for vote by mail  
  • Restricts efforts to challenge voters’ eligibility 
  • Prevents states from purging voters from the rolls based on voting history

✅ Mitigates harmful impacts of extreme anti-voter legislation, such as laws enacted in 2021 in Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.


🗳️ The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (JLVRAA) stops unlawful voter suppression and discrimination in your community and across the country. 

📜 The JLVRAA would restore and modernize the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA), the strongest law we have that protects the freedom to vote for all Americans. 

🏛️ The VRA has repeatedly been weakened by the Supreme Court, including in Shelby County v. Holder in 2013, and most recently in Brnovich v. DNC in 2021. These rulings have given anti-voter legislators and officials the green light to pass and impose a wave of discriminatory voting laws and practices. Click here to learn more about anti-voter efforts in your state.

⚖️ By reinstating the VRA’s preclearance system, the JLVRAA would once again enable federal review of voting changes in certain places before they go into effect to make sure they won’t impermissibly discriminate. 

✒️ The types of discriminatory voting practices the JLVRAA could block include ⬇️: 

❌Shuttering polling places in communities of color 

❌Purging eligible voters from the rolls through list maintenance processes that often target Black, AAPI, Latino, and new immigrant voters 

❌Diluting the voting power of millions of Black and brown voters through partisan and racial gerrymandering, at-large districts, and annexations

❌Restricting voting opportunities such as early vote, weekend voting, vote by mail, and drop boxes


What can you do?

☎️ CALL YOUR U.S. SENATORS every day at 833-465-7142 and demand they pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act before redistricting maps are formally approved. We must demand that our leaders pass these two federal bills: 

  • The Freedom to Vote Act would set national standards for us to safely and freely cast our ballots, would ensure that trusted local election officials count every vote, and would prevent state lawmakers from sabotaging our elections in order to take and hold power. Click here to learn more.
  • The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would restore the most effective civil rights legislation ever passed to prevent state legislators and officials from discriminating against voters they don’t like. Click here to learn more.

📢 Amplify the stories of voters who have experienced voter suppression firsthand by watching and sharing their videos at MyVotingStory.com/stories


And in case you’re wondering—your activism really works! 

This year alone, your advocacy has helped to:

➡️ Mitigate and stop voter suppression bills in states like Georgia and New Hampshire 

➡️ Push legislatures to pass strong pro-voter bills in states like Nevada and California, with provisions mirroring those in the Freedom to Vote Act

📍Click here to learn more about your advocacy at work in states across the country!

And thanks to your 80,000+ calls to Congress demanding federal voting rights legislation through Fair Fight Action’s Hot Call Summer campaign:

✅ The House passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act

✅ All 50 Democratic Senators united to support the For the People Act

✅ Senator Manchin worked with other Democratic Senators to introduce the new Freedom to Vote Act, which builds on important voter protection provisions of the For the People Act


🚨Now, we need you to keep calling your Senators at 833-465-7142 every single day to demand they do everything they can to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act—immediately! 🚨

How to help


What do I need to know?

Anti-voter extremists aggressively pursued anti-democratic efforts through voter suppression bills and sham election reviews. 

  • Thanks to your daily calls to the legislature, 25 voter suppression bills were defeated!
  • But the Republican-controlled state legislature still passed several anti-voter bills that will restrict vote by mail, facilitate voter purges from the Permanent Early Vote List (PEVL), and threaten election officials with criminal penalties, including felonies.
  • And despite the fact that Arizona’s 2020 election results were certified and confirmed through recounts and audits, and all of the frivolous legal challenges were rejected, the state Senate launched a sham review of the results in Maricopa County.
    • Although this baseless investigation confirmed yet again that the 2020 election results were accurate, it has spawned calls for similar anti-democratic election sabotage efforts in at least 20 states. Read more here.


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Arizonans, including by:

  • Protecting voters on the PEVL
  • Ensuring elections officials can promote voter access
  • Strengthening standards to protect election equipment and ballots and safeguard against future baseless investigations
How to help


What do I need to know?

Governor Ron DeSantis signed omnibus voter suppression bill SB 90 into law, and now an extremist legislator is pushing a sham investigation. 

  • SB 90 will, among other things, cruelly restrict line warming, limit drop boxes, and require mail ballot applications to be renewed each election cycle.
  • After demanding the Secretary of State initiate reviews of the 2020 election results in the state’s five largest counties, in September, Republican State Representative Anthony Sabatini introduced a bill requiring the Governor to appoint a third party to conduct a sham review. Read more here


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Floridians, including by:

  • Mitigating the impact of new linewarming bans
  • Creating permanent mail voting lists
  • Increasing the required early vote period
  • Protecting against election sabotage efforts like sham reviews
How to help


What do I need to know?

Governor Brian Kemp signed voter suppression bill SB 202 into law, and now extremists are pushing a sham election review of the 2020 results and a partisan takeover of the Fulton County Board of Elections. 

  • Your tremendous activism made SB 202 less harmful than it started out, including by protecting early and weekend voting, no-excuse vote by mail, and automatic voter registration, and by repealing discriminatory signature match.  
  • SB 202 will still restrict voting access and enable voter and election worker intimidation, election administration power grabs, disruption of local election control and certification, and mass voter challenges. 
  • Although Georgia’s 2020 election results were confirmed through multiple official recounts and audits conducted after Election Day, and courts rejected at least 22 frivolous legal challenges, extremists have filed a lawsuit demanding to investigate ballots from the election. Read more here.
  • The State Election Board has begun the process to take over the Fulton County Board of Elections, home to the state’s largest number of voters of color. 


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Georgians, including by:

  • Reducing long lines 
  • Increasing the number of drop boxes available
  • Strengthening standards for removal of elections officials
  • Make it harder for partisan extremists to sabotage elections
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What do I need to know?

After Governor Gretchen Whitmer promised to veto any voter suppression bills, anti-voter legislators and conspiracy theorists are trying to get them enacted directly without going through the governor or the voters. In parallel, they are also pushing a sham review of the state’s 2020 election results.

  • Republican state legislators introduced a package of 39 voter suppression bills in 2021. 
  • Because Governor Whitmer has promised to veto any anti-voter bills that reach her desk, partisan lawmakers are trying to ram anti-voter provisions through the legislature using a “petition initiative” process that allows them to circumvent both the Governor’s veto and the ballot. 
  • These provisions would, among other things, force voters to share personally identifiable information on both their voter registration and absentee ballot applications (putting voters at an increased risk of identity theft).
  • Although Michigan’s 2020 election results were accurate and certified, and all 10 frivolous legal challenges were rejected, conspiracy theorists are pushing a sham investigation. Read more here


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Michiganders, including by:

  • Establishing robust early voting
  • Protecting elections workers from threats and harassment
  • Ensuring Michigan elections officials have the tools to enable voter access
  • Strengthening safeguards against sham reviews
How to help

New Hampshire

What do I need to know?

Governor Chris Sununu signed two anti-voter bills into law, but other bills were successfully defeated this session. 

  • The GOP legislature and Governor Sununu enacted two anti-voter bills, one which could create a confusing system for administering federal and state/local elections, and the other which will impose burdensome ID requirements. 
  • Thanks to your advocacy, New Hampshire voters defeated a bill that would have curtailed voting access for college students, and also prevented many other bills from passing during this year’s legislative session. 


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Granite Staters, including by establishing:

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Online voter registration
  • No-excuse vote by mail
How to help

North Carolina

What do I need to know?

The Republican-controlled legislature is still considering anti-voter bills that would, among other things, restrict vote by mail in several ways, strip power from the nonpartisan North Carolina State Board of Elections and make it less responsive to the needs of voters, and transfer executive-branch powers to the legislature. 


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect North Carolinians, including by:

  • Prohibiting witness requirements to vote by mail
  • Expand same day registration to Election Day
  • Restore voting rights to returning citizens
  • Protect against partisan attempts to undermine elections
How to help


What do I need to know?

Governor Tom Wolf vetoed an omnibus anti-voter bill, but a number of anti-voter legislative efforts remain a threat, from harmful bills, to proposed constitutional amendments, to extremist conspiracy theorists pushing a sham review of the 2020 election results. 

  • Because of your calls and advocacy, Governor Tom Wolf vetoed an omnibus anti-voter bill, HB 1300, stating it was “the latest scheme by Republican legislators to suppress your freedom to vote” and “riddled with voting barriers.”
  • HB 1300 would have, among other things, facilitated election sabotage, required signature matching for mail ballots, restricted the voter registration deadline, stripped power away from the county election boards, and eliminated the permanent early voting list. 
  • But Pennsylvania voters are not out of the clear yet. GOP legislators are pushing revamped anti-voter bills that would restrict access, and proposing constitutional amendments that would circumvent the governor’s veto to facilitate sham reviews of election results
  • On top of that, Republican legislators are launching a sham review of the 2020 election results—even though the state already ran an official statewide post-election audit and every county conducted its own audit, and every lawsuit challenging the state’s election results failed, confirming their elections were free, fair, and legitimate. Read more here


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Pennsylvanians, including by:

  • Providing a process for voters to fix errors with their mail ballots
  • Creating and protecting a permanent mail voting list
  • Reducing long lines
  • Strengthening safeguards against baseless investigations of election results
How to help


What do I need to know?

After Texas Democrats blocked omnibus anti-voter bill SB 7, Governor Greg Abbott signed several of its provisions into law, and later signed successor bill SB 1 into law after forcing Democrats back to vote on it during a special session.

  • After House Democrats courageously walked out and blocked the massive anti-voter bill SB 7 during Texas’ regular legislative session back in July, Governor Abbott doubled down and called two special legislative sessions to get Republicans’ voting restrictions passed. 
  • Governor Abbott signed a successor omnibus voter suppression bill, SB 1, and five other anti-voter bills into law. Together, these laws will curtail vote by mail, facilitate purges, empower partisan poll watchers to monitor and intimidate voters and election workers, ban 24-hour or drive-thru voting, and more.
  • The Secretary of State’s Office is now pushing sham election reviews in four counties, while Trump is simultaneously urging passage of a Republican “audit” bill. Read more here.


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Texans, including by:

  • Prohibiting states from banning curbside voting
  • Establishing no-excuse vote by mail
  • Creating a buffer between voters and poll watchers
  • Strengthening safeguards for ballots and voting machines
How to help


What do I need to know?

Governor Tony Evers vetoed six voter suppression bills passed by the Republican-controlled State Assembly, and now extremists are pushing a sham election review. 

  • The bills vetoed by Governor Evers would have, among other things, curtailed mail voting in a number of different ways and imposed fines and criminal penalties on election workers for doing their jobs. 
  • Extremists in the Assembly, assisted by a former justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, are now pursuing multiple sham election reviews, even though Wiconsin’s 2020 election results were certified, multiple recounts and an audit affirmed the outcome and integrity of the election, and courts rejected all legal challenges to the election administration and results. Read more here


🇺🇸 The Freedom to Vote Act could protect Wisconsinites, including by:

  • Ensuring ballots postmarked by Election Day will be counted if they arrive within 7 days
  • Prohibiting witness requirements for vote by mail
  • Protecting elections workers from threats and harassment
  • Protecting against partisan election sabotage efforts

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